Scrolling Performance on MBP mid 2012 retina in Komodo IDE 9

I’ve noticed that there are terrible lag problems while scrolling (vertical or horizontal) is this some issue you’ve noticed?
I’m running it on OS X 10.10.2 and it’s pretty annoying. It couldn’t be related to lack of strength in the computer - I think this at least. I had no problems in IDE 8…

I could understand that big files could be a bit laggy, but this one is 250 rows long and about 10656B big.

I’ve also noticed that the IDE 8 and 9 doesn’t find the width of the document while scrolling because it’s often that the code continues out passing the right side but the scrolling stops much earlier…

I can consistently reproduce the scrolling behavior on long lines in both version 8 and version 9. There are two open bug reports that seem to describe this behavior: 86117 and 100903.

@rstewart sounds like he’s just talking about scroll performance though. nvm I have to keep reading :stuck_out_tongue:

@maxa11an how do you scroll? Trackpad, mouse scroll, scrollbar, … ?

Macbook trackpad here

Please open a new thread if you have some problems with Komodo 10 and macbook’s trackpad.