Scrollbars are so 2012!

I am really getting used to chrome and a few other apps where the find matches appear as highlights in the scrollbar.

When will Komodo have these? I feel so lost without highlights like that!!

The preview cuts off the scroll bar, view image to see it.

Great and long overdue idea. Please file an enhancement request @Scorp1us :

  • Carey

Better to post your idea there rather than filing a new issue.

Ahh I guess we’re doing a catch-all in that ticket. Fair enough. Thanks @Defman.

  • Carey

Not that I don’t like features in my IDE, but would this be better implemented as an Addon? I use the Scrollbar Search Highlighter extension in Firefox and it does the same thing.

I don’t care how that it is implemented, just that it is implemented, with the feature enabled right out-of-the-box.