Screencast Wish List

Please post your ideas/suggestions for future screencasts.


  • The Toolbox
  • Advanced snippets (auto-abbreviations, eJS, tabstops)
  • Creating your first addon
  • Skinning Komodo

Note we’ll also be accepting third party screencast submissions, so if you feel inclined to do one yourself please feel free! We’ll gladly put in on our site.

We should have a screencast on the Komodo office and the Komodo team :stuck_out_tongue:


Heh my tour would be over fast :stuck_out_tongue:

  • yay for addons and advanced snippets

other ideas:

  • adding a new language (syntax highlighting for example)
  • example of hooking into external processes (e.g. such as code tidiers, & other REPLs like clojure, ocaml, erlang, lisp, elixir …)


Heh yup like that but with more info – further into extending the underlying python bits rather than just stopping at the trivial case. Elixir for example would be a great addition to follow through this, or clojure etc.

Do you mean like this (check at 1:47 into the screencast):

I’m still interested in seeing screencasts that go beyond the basics. IMO the long-term value of any editor/ide is in the ability of the user to customise it to our liking. Arguably also avoiding the need to learn emacs lisp of vimscript ;-).

Going much further is very dependant on what you are trying to do, I don’t think a screencast would be the best medium for this.