Screen position of windows window

I had been using Komodo 12 for a while and upgraded to 12.0.1 and ran into a very annoying problem.
The window is stuck in the lower right of my screen. About 3/4 of the window is showing. The bottom and right side are beyond the screen by about an inch each.
I am running windows 10 on a laptop. I don’t know what I was doing when the window stuck but I have rebooted and reinstalled and rebooted again to see if the window was movable, it is not.
Has any one seen this behavior and can someone tell me how to fix it.


Hi @muthca,

Try Help menu > Troubleshooting > Restart in Safe-mode.

If that has positive effects I think you could try removing/renaming [Profile folder dir]/XRE/xulstore.json to see if that fixes things. Details on where your profile is for your platform:Important File Locations

  • Carey

Carey, I tried the ‘Run first start wizard’ again and it worked great. It changed the window background color from black to white which I like better.
Thank you for your quick response.

Hey @muthca, restarting in safe mode is only temporary. You’ll go back to the original profile (and various other) settings when you restart Komodo again.

Please make sure you’ve left safe mode before assuming you’re all set. Don’t hesitate to ask for more help if my other suggestions don’t help afterwards.

FYI, if you like the lighter scheme, once you’ve restarted you can get back to the legacy Komodo scheme in the Edit menu > Preferences > Appearance settings

  • Carey

I didn’t start in Save Mode, I ran the “Run First Start Wizard Again” and appears to work great. I am able to move the screen again and it is not temporary. I changed from a dark scheme to a light scheme.
Thanks for the help.

Ahh, you end up going through the First Start Wizard when you restart in safe mode so I thought you were implying you had restarted in Safe Mode. Nvm! Thanks for posting your workaround!