SCM Information from a Remote Server

Is Komodo able to retrieve SCM information from a remote server? Based my efforts, I’m pretty sure the answer to this is no.

I get that with FTP there is no facility for executing the SCM call on the remote server, but when using the SSH based options (SFTP, SCP) there could be. SSH can execute remote commands.

How difficult would it be to detect when the project is remote, take the Project Base Directory, and execute SCM commands in that base directory?


Currently - no. Is it possible? Anything is possible. Complexity wise I would say it could get fairly complex, though you may be able to cut some corners here and there. If there is enough demand we could consider implementing it as a native feature, but as of yet I do not see many people asking for it.

Ah. I suspected as much. I’ll figure something out.

Thanks for responding!