SCC Warnings from git show HEAD:* prior to commit

I’m using IDE 9.2 in Linux. When working in a git repository, if I add a new file (git add) and add content to that file without committing, I get an SCC warning from Komodo (actually, the notification is tagged “changetracker” but the message is “Scc error …”). The warning seems to bue due to Komodo executing the command “git show HEAD:./myfile”, which results in the git error “fatal: Path ‘myfile’ exists on disk, but not in ‘HEAD’.” The warnings go away once the file is committed.

Should Komodo be executing these “show HEAD:” commands before the file is committed? Or is there some flaw in my setup?

Help appreciated, thanks.

Change tracker is the colored margin next to your line numbers which shows you what changed compared to the current HEAD of your repo. It should not be throwing errors though. If it happens again please open a bug report and include your error log (Help > Troubleshooting > View Log File).

Thanks: created this issue.