SCC on Mac OSX

Hi all
I recently figured out that my trusty old Aptana is no longer good enough for me, and I started a search for new IDE. Komodo seemed like a nice option, and I started using it with to see if it’s a complete replacement. I found a solution for almost everything except for the GIT, and I use it a lot. Namely, I figured out the SCC system and it seems like it supports everything I need, but I have some weird issues with it.
I think I’m right when I presume that “Commit Changes” will open a list of changed files, and I can pick the ones I want to commit. I did this on a large project I work on, and committed all files the dialog offered. However, when I issued “git status” from the command line in project folder, it reported more than 15 uncommitted files - Komodo SCC somehow ignored them. I tried several times, using Refresh command, trying to find a way to filter uncommitted files in file browser, but to no avail.
Also, when I create a Project, I get no data under SCC tab for a specific project - I can’t tell why.
If someone would be kind to give me a short explanation on the SCC in Komodo (since docs are pretty scarce on the subject) I’d appreciate it… Once again. I need to use GIT - SVN and the others are of small interest to me…


Hi Vic, our Komodo devs that have knowledge of the SCC system are on holiday at the moment. When they return they will be able to help you as best they can. Thanks so much for your patience.

Hey! I’m still here for one more day!..just a couple more hours actually.

I THINK what’s happening is that you’re running SCC > commit on a sub directory of your repo. This should only show the changed files in that subdir. If there are other changed files you would need to go higher in the directory hierarchy (or just the root) to get ALL changed files.

EDIT: Nevermind, that issue where you don’t see anything in your project preferences looks like a bug

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