SCC git, windows 8 wierdness

Hi, I’m running IDE 8.5.4 on windows 8 and have some strangeness I can’t quite figure out so I’m hoping to get a clue here. Here’s what I know:

  1. local git operations work from a right click in the project window
  • Ctrl-R and all git operation work fine, even remote stuff (i.e. ‘git push’)
  • network git operations do not work from right click (push,update)
  • Going to start page and ‘Check Configuration’ shows no git available at all

So what I am trying to determine is why 3 and 4 do not work. Is there somewhere I can look at the code that is running for these operations to try and determine the assumptions about environment that they expect. Is the git SCC operations a plugin, Python or JS code or is it built into the EXE? Any clues would be much appreciated.

The Check Configuration page had a bug (in Komodo 8.5.4), which incorrectly showed Git as disabled:

As for 3 (network git operations), what is not working here (as you mention git push does work in item 2).

thanks for the reply! git push doesn’t work from the right click project menu(#3) but it does work if you just Ctrl-R and run the command ‘git push’ (#2)