SCC external diff tool starts on every file save or IDE start

I use meld as my diff tool for SCC. I have this setup in my ~/.subversion/config file using the config entry
diff-cmd = /home/tomwitt2/bin/

The content of is simply
#!/bin/bash meld "$6" "$7" exit 0

I’ve configured SCC in komodo to use an external diff tool (edit -> preferences -> source code control -> subversion -> [x] uses external diff tool)

Every time I start Komodo 10 (version 10.2.1 being my latest installation), the diff tool starts showing me a modified file in my latest directory path seemingly chosen at random.

This same behavior happens every time I save a file (any file); the external diff tool starts and shows me a random file (not necessarily the one I just saved. This random file is consistent, though, across file saves; once Komodo has selected a file to diff it keeps showing me the diff for that specific file). Sometimes Komodo starts up to 4 separate instances of the diff-tool, all showing the same file, from one save file operation (a single press of ‘Ctrl-S’)

Any ideas how to stop this behavior?

Hi @tomwitt2,

I think you’re hitting this issue:

Does that sound correct?

  • Carey

Yes! That’s exactly the issue! (but with Kubuntu 16.04/subversion/meld vs Windows 10/git/beyondcompare)

Thank for the heads up @careyh