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So, I’ve been using 10’s SCC integration for some time now. And I’'m still tripped up a lot by the UX. One thing that consistently trips me up is the context in which I invoke SCC - frequently I miss critical files in the commit. It seems that clicking the left side bar SCC entry is somehow linked to the highlighted/selected item in Places. I would expect it to be performing SCC actions at the project level.

And it would be great if un-tracked items consistently appeared in the commit dialog. Again this seems to be conditional to the item selected in Places.

I understand the right click context -> SCC should be bound to the selected item (or item from the click event), but the main left sidebar SCC info menu actions should be bound to repository root - always.

Its difficult, if I’ve single clicked a directory in the file navigator, to un-select this and initiate a SCC command on the whole repo.

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It shows items that are changed in your project, or if no project is open it shows items that are under your “Places” directory. Unless of course you picked the “Current File” menu item.

There is not (or should not be) a mechanic that acts only on a selected item unless you are specifically right clicking a file. If you can reproduce an issue where un-tracked files are not appearing please report a bug.

@nathanr here’s a screen shot - I’m running Komodo 10 nightly.

Komodo IDE, version 10.0.1, build 89222, platform linux-x86_64.
Built on Thu Jun 9 01:33:34 2016.

And if we could, I’d like to verify that this is a bug and not simply, a missing feature or user error.

I see the blue circle and 9, indicating that I have 9 tracked items that have changes in my project.

See the orange highlight on “modules”. If that orange highlight is present, which occurs if I single click any item in the Places panel. This is the part that’s difficult to undo. How do I un-select an entry in that panel? And the reason that I ask is that if there is a highlighted entry, and I click the blue 9, expand triangle, then Commit (or any SCC action). The dialog that opens up, is empty. As there are no changed items in that folder. Seems just like common git/svn CLI behavior. If I’m in a sub-directory of my working copy and I do a status or commit, I’m working on items within the CWD (current path) and its descendants.

Its somewhat counter-intuitive to show 9 changes project wide, but restrict the actions of that button’s sub-menu to whatever selection I have in the panel.

This I could work around, if I could just figure out how to un-select / un-highlight that “modules” entry. And then commit…

Not trying to be overly critical here. Just trying to make my problem and use case clear.

FYI this is called Places :slight_smile:

You should click on an empty space in the Places pane. (probably under all your files).

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@Defman I’ve got no empty spaces, in my Places…

It should be. Right before “Projects”. But it’s very small.

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Ok @Defman - I found that. And yes its really, really, really small. Not sure if I clicked the empty space or what, but it magically cleared the “modules” selection.

@nathanr should I report this a s a bug?

Yes, please report this as a bug. Correct me if I’m wrong @nathanr, but any action started from the SCC dynamic button should be project wide. It should not be linked to a specific selected file in Places.

To claridy, the bug is not that you can’t easily de-select an item in Places, it’s that having something selected in Places effects the Dynamic Button.

  • Carey

I think you are confusing correlation with causation. The fact that you have something selected in your Places widget does not (SHOULD not) affect your commit dialog. Have you been able to reproduce a test-case where selecting something in your places panel produced a different output in your commit dialog? And then selecting something else again giving you a different commit dialog output?

Again this is not what is supposed to happen. Thus far I have not seen evidence that this is in fact what is happening, though it seems likely that you are running into either a bug or a user experience issue.

Would you be able to record a quick screen recording where you show the commit dialog opening with different change listings depending on what files you have selected?

I am not convinced this is the case. From what I’m reading it may simply be a case of confusing UX that is making Joe wrongly conclude that the places selection is affecting the commit dialog.

It does @nathanr. I tested it.

  • Carey

Then this would indeed be a bug.

Here’s a screenshot to explain. I triggered the Commit dialog from the dynamic button. I can select any arbitrary file in Places and it will be the file shown in the commit dialog as “OK”.

@joelabair this is what you’re seeing as well right? Although I see you ran it on a folder.

  • Carey

Yes - this is reproducible for me. I can do a hangouts screen share…

No worries, we’ve been able to reproduce it :slight_smile: Thank you for bringing this to our attention @joelabair. I’ve logged a bug here:

Note the VCS widget does not have this problem, so you could use that as a temporary workaround.

Awesome @nathanr - what’s the “VCS widget” ?

Check out View > Tabs & Sidebars > Version Control.

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Got it… Cool! Thanks for the tip @nathanr