"Save changes" after "Close Deleted Files and Projects"

If a file is opened in Komodo Edit, not changed, and then deleted on disk, the next time Komodo Edit gets focus, it will display a dialog, “Close Deleted Files and Projects”, where the deleted files can be closed. However, after clicking Ok, another dialog appears: “Save changes to [list of files that were closed]?”.

Which changes? The file wasn’t changed before it was deleted.

The message is confusing since it implies that you have unsaved changes in Komodo Edit. Which again makes you think that you deleted the wrong file.

This behaviour has been the same since I first started using Komodo Edit years ago, so maybe it’s “a feature, not a bug”. If so, I’d like to hear the rationale. If it’s a bug, I’d be happy to file a bug report.

I think this happens because Komodo see changes between old removed file and new file (not created, yep).
Anyway it’s my guess, I think @toddw can explain it