Save all? Is there a "save all" feature?

In Komodo 10, is there a way to save all open files? Thanks

Yes, you can set a keybinding for it under Preferences > Key Bindings. You can also use File > Save All. And lastly, you can also use the toolbar button by enabling it via right clicking the toolbar and hitting “Customize”.

Ah, I don’t have access to those menus, per the other thread. I think we can count this thread as resolved, as this probably just depends on my being able to access the “Preferences”.


You can access preferences through the Ctrl + , key binding now.

  • Carey

You may have misstyped that comment. Ctrl + what? I think a character is missing from your comment.

@arnoldbird, did you try the key binding? It’s not a typo. It’s Ctrl + comma. If it’s not working then I assume you’re using a custom keybinding set which would prevent you from getting the new key bindings set.

  • Carey

Ah, I misunderstood. Ctrl + comma does indeed open the Preferences. That is a breakthrough. I can now access the Key Bindings, but I can’t figure out how the GUI for the Key Bindings works. I found Save All via the search feature, but can’t figure out how to change the Key Sequence for Save All.

Click in the New Key Sequence field and then do the keybinding sequence you want.

  • Carey

It might be better to let us type the sequence in. As in, actually type out C t r l etcetera, rather than do the sequence. Right now the sequence I want to do is something that in Ubuntu has the effect of closing the preferences window. So I would have to go and undo that in Ubuntu, etc. Maybe you could present a checkbox to give us the option of typing in the sequence? I imagine that would be a substantial programming task, hrrm. Perhaps not worth the benefit.

To be frank, I can’t imagine anyone actually wanting this.

Again, have you tried it yet? I believe (don’t know for sure because I haven’t ever looked at that specific code) that that field overrides any available keybindings so you can enter anything you want. The sequence will not be interpreted to a command so existing bindings don’t matter. It will warn you if the sequence is already in use.

  • Carey