Running Output on the Python Interactive Shell

I started using Komodo IDE from yesterday; it feel really light and GUI is very appealing compared to other Python IDEs.
I was able to run my code and see the output through debugging tab.
But I was wondering if I can run the output on the interactive shell instead through output tab so that I can use the functions and classes that I created on the executed script.

Thank you!

You can indeed run your code in the interactive shell. It’s a Komodo IDE feature only but that’s fine as that’s what you’re running.

Menu Tools > Interactive Shell: Choose the shell you want.

This will open the interactive shell in the context of 1 of a possible 3 places:

  1. the root dir of your project if you have a project open
    if no project open…
  2. the directory of the current active file
    if no file open
  3. The root directory of your disk drive. In my case it the os.getcwd() was “C:\”

Hope that helps. Let us know if you need further assistance.

  • Carey

If you set a breakpoint in the Komodo debugger, then when your program stops at the breakpoint, use the Debug > Inspect to change into an interactive shell session in which you can then interact and probe the application (i.e. your functions in the current script).

I like my idea better…it’s more complicated.

  • Carey