Running Macro From Commando Fast Open

I am just wondering if I can run macro from commando, so far I can search a macro via commando but whenever I press the macro will be opened in edit mode instead of being run. I know I can assign shortcuts, but sometimes some macros are only relevant to certain projects, therefore these shortcuts will be redundant for any other projects. Commando is so great that now I am too lazy to leave my keyboard and click the toolbox.

Good point. Create an issue here: (someone from the devs will give the “enhancement” label to your issue)

Okay, I have created a request for this issue. Thanks for pointing out the link.

This used to be “Invoke Tool” according to my old (8.5) keybindings, I think?

This should work just fine, it does for me when I test it (on various machines). But will address further in the github issue -

There is a project specific toolbox for project specific macros. I have macros and toolbar macros that are meaningful only when doing a django project, a tornado project, an XML processing project, etc.

My MO is to just use project templates. Plus you can put project type specific environments and such in them, as well as macros and toolbars. From a project that’s set up the way you like, Project->New from Template->Create Template from Project.

When/if you update a template, projects that were created with that template won’t have the changes. Easiest thing is to just do a new project from template, and overwrite the existing one.

For instance single new from template->django_1.7 and I’ve got the django environment all set up and all my macros for django tasks set up in my django specific toolbar. With a couple of macros in the toolbox that I don’t put on the toolbar to initialize a django application (don’t want to do that twice by accident), I’m coding right away instead of getting lost in set up issues.