Run 'exe' file via Run Command

I want to run my LUA script via special debugger placed in C:\Lua\lua.exe
How I can run this file via Run Command dialog?

Not sure I get your question? Run Command just allows you to run your own commands, are you asking how to run a LUA script via a custom debugger? You might be better off asking that somewhere more appropriate (eg. the project website for the debugger).

I want to run a lua script via official debugger for Windows and not using cmd (in cmd i type lua path/to/script/script-01.lua)
For now i’m using a custom hack:
In Preferences - Languages I choose language that I don’t want to debug and in Interpreter I select lua.exe (in my case I find this file in C:\Lua\)
After this I’m run debugger via Run Command use %(perl) %F where %(perl) - Perl or another Interpreter (as you remember in Perl I set Lua interpreter) and %F - absolute path to file.
This works fine, but I don’t recommend this method to another, it’s a hack.

I dont understand why you need to set an interpreter just to then use it as a variable in Run Command? Why not just use your exe directly in Run Command?

Ie put the command you put in cmd in your “Run” field.

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It works, thanks :smile: