Run commands return error


I used Komodo V3.5.3 for years. I moved it recently to Windows 7.
Now I have some problem with Run commands : any command returns “Incorrect parameter” message, and command is not executed.
Is there a known compatibility issue ?


Hi, Komodo 3 was last released in 2007, while Windows 7 was not released until 2009. I would not be surprised if there would be compatibility issues. Since we no longer support older versions of Komodo, I doubt we’d be able to help troubleshoot the problem. We recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Komodo, which is supported on Windows 7.

Thanks Mitchell for reply,

Is there any free upgrade or should I buy a new version ?

Hi, you’ll have to purchase a new license since you are making a jump from Komodo 3 to Komodo 9.