Run Command MRU not updating in 9

The mrus for the run command are not updating. I have a ton of entries and noticed in the help that it has been reduced to 10 entries in the recent commands for 9. However, I have a ton of them because of 8.5, I guess.

Anyhow, I thought that might be the problem, so I backed up my prefs and deleted the MRU entries (string and command) hoping that starting fresh would do it. No such luck. I then had empty recent commands lists, but new commands fail to stick. So I just restored the file.

Am I missing something here?


Edit: Seems like the directory MRU in the run command isn’t updating either.

You only missed one thing, that this is a known issue. Issue #37, I do apologies for the inconvenience Wayne.

Fixes are starting to come down the pipe so hopefully this can get resolved soon.

  • Carey

Are nine nightlies available yet? I want to get this fix sooner, rather than later. It completely mess up my normal make a change, run, make a change, run… cycle.

We’re trying to get fixes out to you but as you can see from the report, no work has happened on that issue. Keep your eye on that and you’ll know when a fix or work around is available.

  • Carey

Please make sure they address the directory MRU which also doesn’t work in the command dialog. I didn’t see mention of that in the github bug item.