Resttore the Main Tool bar and the right menu for Preferences


I’m evaluatiing Komodo Edit 11 and due to false manipulation the Main Tool Bar and the right menu for Preferences and other menus (a pull-down button) has been disappeared/ removed.

I spend time to try to fix it. Fail.

Please, how to restore these ?

A large screen, in case: (image clickable)

A small one:

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You can right click the title bar and select what you would like to show:

  • Carey
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Thanks a lot Carey.

I configured my FTP credentials in the Préférences box, left menu Servers.

I found hours on how to upload my files in my FTP Server. Where is the command/button to start the upload ?


@jinx, you’re looking for the Publishing which is only available in IDE:

  • Carey