Request to those running their own Komodo Edit builds

We’re pushing a lot of cool stuff to the master branch of Komodo Edit, you are all more than welcome to try it and contribute in any way you see fit. However as a lot of this stuff is slated for Komodo 10 we’d greatly appreciate if you can refrain from posting any full on screenshots (ie. screenshots covering the main UI), as this is a big part of Komodo 10 and we don’t want to spoil the surprise, especially considering that nothing is final yet.

Thank you for your consideration.

Maybe we should pin this topic somehow? So it will be visible at any page of our forum :wink:

Nah it’s not that big a deal :slight_smile:

Well I guess there are only Komodo developers who’re running their own builds (and me in the nearest feature) :stuck_out_tongue: The rest are waiting for the night builds! :blush: