Replace doesn't work in asp files

I cannot ‘replace’ in *.asp files.
I get the error message ‘unknown language’.
Can this be solved by some setting or does Komodo not work with *.asp files?

Hi @Dirk_Weemaes,

Could you clarify the use case? Is this find/replace?

  • Carey

Yes, indeed the ‘find and replace’ menu item.

Can you say your Komodo version? Works fine to me in build 87166 (Komodo IDE 9-rc1). But by some reasons *.asp files are Text (plain text) for me.

Hey @Dirk_Weemaes

Ya i’m not sure how you’re hitting that error @Dirk_Weemaes. Find/Replace doesn’t have anything to do with the language setting.

Could you give more details?

  • Sample file
  • Exact repro steps
  • the actual error message and where it appears
  • Help > Troubleshooting > View Log file (pass this along too)

ASP isn’t a supported file type in Komodo so, as Defman says, ASP files are treated as text files.

  • Carey

Komodo IDE version 9.0.0 - rc1 build 87167

Please give us more details (@careyh wrote it above)

If I ‘Replace’ in a specific file, it works.
If I ‘Replace’ for the whole site, I get the error message

I can see that Replace feature doesn’t work not for all *.asp files… Seems to be a bug.

Hi @Dirk_Weemaes,

Thanks for the additional information.

Can you send two sample files to One that replace worked in and one that it didn’t.

Subject should be something like: Asp find/replace not working in Komodo 9

Include a link to this forum post


  • Carey

Hi @careyh,

that is not possible for the reason explained above:

  • When I apply the ‘Replace’ function to a single file, it works.
  • When I do the same thing for ‘All Files’ of the site, hence including the single file that it worked with before, I get the ‘unknown language’ error.

The first file in yellow in the list above (ChineseIntroduction.asp) is a perfect example of that behaviour.

Hi @Dirk_Weemaes,

I’m not following why you can’t send sample files. It looks like some asp files worked and some didn’t. I understand that it works when you run it on a single file. Are you saying that when you do the All Files replace, different files fail each time? There are no consistent failing files?

For example, as you said, in the All Files replace, ChineseIntroduction.asp fails. Concept.asp works fine as indicated by your image above.

Now that I look at the file names, I wonder if there is an encoding issue. Again, having files from your file tree, one that fails in the All File and one that doesn’t would be really helpful here.

You could also send a small example project to the support email. I will be the one receiving that.

  • Carey

Hello @careyh,
two files sent to the support email as requested.

Thanks @Dirk_Weemaes,

Looking into it.

  • Carey

Bug filed:

Digging into this now. It’s the Chinese characters in the file that you sent. Removing them works around the issue.

  • Carey

@careyh, thanks for your efforts.

When the Komodo 9 confirm replace dialog shows an unknown language (yellow entry) - you can right-click on the entry and create a file-association for that file type (e.g. .asp to ASP or even to Text).

Hi @toddw,
I associated .asp with HTML and the ‘Replace in Files’ worked perfectly.
Thanks for the information.