Rename of custom tool folder zip export does not stick - bug?

I am working on Windows 10.

The problem can be seen from the following steps:

  1. Create a containing folder in the toolbox pane with a toolbar, macros etc. and export it as a zip file. Then delete the zip file.
  2. Rename the folder and export it again as a zip file with the same file name and expand it
  3. Look in the .folderdata file in the new expanded zip file
  4. The folder name in the .folderdata file is not updated, it has the original name
  5. The only way to capture a folder rename is to save it in a zip file with new name.

In other words, the rename of the folder containing the toolbar, macros etc is never saved. Is this a bug?

Looks like a bug. Nice find @rholland.

  • Carey

Is this bug captured on our bug tracker @careyh ?

I don’t know.

@rholland can you please file this bug on our bug tracker?