Removing Komodo IDE 11

Sad to say, I uninstalled both the production and nightly builds of KomodoIDE 11 this morning. While there are a number of new features I like about it, it’s the first time in six major revisions where the things that don’t work are more hassle than I’m willing to endure.

  1. Symbol Browser sits and spins forever when I start Komodo in the morning where I left off yesterday. I have to take extraordinary action to get it to show the symbols.
  2. Workspace customizations are not completely saved between sessions.
  3. To compound it, when I open a project in a new window, from the UI or from the commandline, the Symbol Browser remains spinning, and the WS customizations are, again, forgotten.
  4. Refactoring is completely broken (Perl and Javascript)
  5. Code completion not completing Perl module names from my custom search path
  6. File templates completely broken from X->11

Yup, I opened some issues. I’m sure the others are already reported by others.

Installed the nightly. “Nightly” hasn’t been refreshed in more than two weeks.

I have no doubt the dev team is working through the issues.

Bottom line is I’m pretty disappointed.

I have work to do. KomodoIDE is a key tool. X was stable for me. All combined, 11 is too big a PITA. I just can’t spend the time to compile/submit/follow bug reports then wait for 11.1 and beyond.

I’ll probably install it again if/when 11.1 becomes available.

Thanks for listening.


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Sorry to hear about this. I encourage you to keep reporting these issues. Note we just released 11.0.1 which addresses some of the mentioned bugs:

Same here … maybe i give Komodo IDE another try somewhat later.

Same here. I’m rolling back to doing my dev work on version 10. Tons of stuff on 11 is just buggy. Python autocompletion is probably the worst and only detects a few of my packages despite them all being installed in the same location. Not sure why that is; autocomplete worked (and still works) fine in version 10. I don’t know why it got so broken with this upgrade, but somebody should be embarrassed.

As I said please report your issues on the bug tracker. We want to resolve these types of issues, but raising them without any context on the forums is not constructive towards that goal.