Remove "Troubleshooting" and "Report a Bug" buttons

The “Troubleshooting” button activates a menu whose ten links largely duplicate those of the Help > Troubleshooting menu accessed from the three-line menu at the top. The two sets of links should have been combined into one and centralized in the main menu. In addition, the button wastes screen space.

The same criticisms can be leveled at the “Report a Bug” button, but even more so: That button is redundant because it duplicates the functionality of the Help > Troubleshooting > “Report a Bug” menu item, and it too wastes space as it is merely a link to the GitHub web page for Komodo IDE and Komodo Edit issues. The prominent visibility of that button has (according to the ActiveState team) increased the number of bug reports submitted by users, but that same benefit could be achieved by telling every new user about the “Report a Bug” menu item. The reminder could be included in the initial screens seen by users when they first begin running Komodo IDE. As an alternative or as a complement, the information could be presented as a usage tip (one of many), since so many computer users are accustomed to countless programs popping up a brief but informative tip each time they launch a given program.

Sadly that just isn’t true. People skim screens now more so then ever. Tips and hints don’t get read. So unless we put an action in a convenient and obvious location it won’t make a difference.

That said I’m all for reducing friction and looking for better solutions.

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Good points. At the very least, there should be a setting in the Preferences to hide both of those buttons.

I’m not understanding the benefit of removing them or providing an option to hide them. They are only shown on the New Tab and they serve an important purpose. Redundancy in this case seems important to have in my opinion.

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