Remote PHP debugging

I’ve avoided trying to setup remote php debugging on my OS X El Capitan workstation.
I am running Komodo IDE, version 10.1.1, build 89474, platform macosx.

Documentation is a bit dead ended. I found (via google) documentation at

Three problems with that.

  1. No instructions on how to set install / configure
  2. The download contains of what I assume are copies for different versions of PHP. If that is the case, where are current versions of PHP? I’m running 7.0.0.
  3. The links on the right sidebar of the page referenced above suggest documentation. However, the latest version of Komodo docs are V.6

Is there a current documentation set? Any help in getting Komodo remote debugging working would be much appreciated!

Current docs are here @tmw100:

For debugging you don’t need our xdebug bits. Ours have patches for code profiling which you’re not doing so you can use the latest for your version and build type of PHP:

I’ll have a look at the link you shared. We shouldn’t have pages up that just confuse our users and link to out of date docs :slight_smile:

Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  • Carey

Thank you for info. The documentation link above got me where I needed to be. A couple points:

  1. There apparently is not a compiled version of at for OS X. Windows - yes. But Mac people are a bit out of luck. I would suggest that you make a copy available on your support site. Maybe the patched versions work? If so, are they up to date?
  2. Another question that needs to be asked, is: “what is the MAMP environment”? In my case, I am running MAMP Pro. And - xdebug, along with proper configuration is available by simply checking a box :slight_smile: Getting that to play nicely with Komodo is another issue, but no worse then any other PHP setup.

This is because there are other easier ways to get it on OSX, ie.brew install php70-xdebug.

We will be doing this, we just haven’t yet. Thanks for the suggestion.

There is no context for your question two. I’m not really sure if you’re referencing our docs or asking for MAMP specific docs. I’m not familiar with MAMP setup and I’m not aware with a checkbox in their installer/startup wizard to setup Xdebug but that sounds great. If you follow our documentation and point your MAMP php.ini file at the port you’ve told Komodo to listen on then you’re done.

I do recall messing with MAMP a few months ago and it having a VERY messy folder structure…that could be a pain but you can always find which php.ini file you need to edit by running phpinfo().

  • Carey