Remote perl debug always breaks in

Komodo IDE 9.2.1, build 87651

I’m remotely debugging perl/cgi scripts. When invoking the debugger, it always breaks on, line 391. I don’t understand why.

Have you checked the Prefs > Debugger > Initial break behavior setting?

I have. It happens either way. Let me clarify: Debugging works normally. I can set breakpoints in my script and they are working; URI mapping is fine and working, however as soon as the debugger reaches the end of my script, pops up and breaks in said line.

Is a file in your project or part of the Perl installation?

It’s part of the server portion of Activestate’s remote debugging libraries for perl. See

@mitchell any chance you have insights on this?

If debugging is working fine and this is only happening at the end, then perhaps it’s an artifact caused in our code or the Perl debugger code. Since the debugger is running a combination of our Perl code and user code, it needs to prevent itself from stepping into our code and stay in user code. That seems to not be the case here at the end.

You can actually take a look here:

If you’ve got any idea about how I can debug this situation, please let me know…


Thanks for taking the time to record such a clear demonstration of your issue! I think this is a bug in Komodo with the stdout redirection. I cannot reproduce this with a local file.

When you get the chance, please file a bug on our issue tracker ( and reference this forum topic. Also, since this appears to happen at the end of a debug session, this problem is not hindering your work, correct? Is it more of an annoyance than a true problem?

So far it has only been an annoyance. Can’t say for sure if there are other side effects as of yet.

Hey guys… This bug really starts to hurt my sanity… Any chance you could point me to how to debug this myself? How do you guys debug dbgp code? Perhaps this is somehow platform specific? I’m running Archlinux, Perl 5.22, Gnome 3.18. Remote Server: Apache 2.2 / Perl 5.10. I’ve setup another apache 2.4 on my dev machine locally, still resulting in the same behavior…

Has a bug been opened on this? We simply cannot target this for a release unless there is a bug open for it.

There has. Please see

Hi, is there anything noteworthy in your call stack when this issue occurs? Anything that involves other Komodo internals?

Sadly, I do not know enough about the debugger or Perl in order to help point you where you can try to start debugging this :frowning:

One idea I just had is you can search for instances of “xmlHeader()” function calls in files in Komodo’s “lib/support/dbgp/perllib/DB/” directory. Perhaps commenting those calls out one at a time or replacing them with something more informative will aid you in figuring out which call is responsible. Make sure you make backups before making edits if you choose to go this route.

Oh, and I cannot find a way to make this happen on my local machine or I’d be able to help. If you have any steps I can use to reproduce, that may help down the road.

Great idea! I’m going to look into it first thing in the morning, when I’m back in the office.