Remote execution of (Grunt)Tasks

For reasons beyond the scope of this Post, we’re not using a distributed approach for coding, but rely on a central, shared server. We use Komodo on Win and the server is a Linux Server, accessible through SMB and SSH.

We’ve automated quite some stuff using grunt tasks, that run on the Linux Server (node, php, mysql, nginx…), as well as grunt-watch, grunt-hub, etc. But Komodo’s grunt integration requires a local Nodejs installation, which is not feasible in our case.

Additionally, we’ve multiple (30+) Projects with different codebases in parallel.


  1. We would need to integrate grunt remotely via SSH.
  2. We would need grunt preferences on a project level.

Is that something, that’s on your roadmap?

We are indeed looking into executing commands remotely. This would also cover things like grunt, docker, npm, etc.

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