Remote Debugging python on raspberry pi

How can I debug remote python scripts that run on a raspberry pi from a different machine on the same network?
I already set up an access with sftp and can edit the files with komodo ide but debugging is not working.

Read the manual:

Please excuse @Defman’s phrasing, he’s still learning English :wink: But yes, the manual would be your first stop. Please report back if you get stuck.

What’s wrong in my phrase? I must know it if I want to improve my English.

There’s nothing wrong with it, the way you put it just sounds somewhat obnoxious, as if saying “read the effing manual”.

Ah, sorry, I don’t mean so rude phrase. I know about “Read the ***ing manual” or another forms of this phrase, but I never mean it when I write posts in this forum :smile:

Sure, I read the documentation before posting this question. I just did not find a version for python-debugger for arm architecture.
With the encouraging words from Defman and reading the docs again I gave the x86 package a try and this works.

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Nice to see and know it! Congratulations. :smiley: