Remote debugging perl 5.8 on Solaris 10 not working

Hi all,

I am evaluating Komodo IDE for our team with a view to buying several licenses.

Our main criteria is the ability to remotely debug our Perl scripts, which run on Perl 5.8 stock under Solaris 10. We aren’t able to easily have Perl itself changed, so CPAN modules and similar aren’t on the table for us… Not without major headaches anyway.

We can do pretty much anything using local user directories under our account tho - so PL and PM files in there are just fine.

I’ve configured Komodo IDE 9.3 appropriately and can remote open files without issues. I went on to set up remote debug as described in the doco and using the files form the Mac OS X (universal) debug package.

Kicking things off with perl -d the shell sits there waiting with perl in debug mode but no debugger tab opens in the IDE. Using telnet I can confirm that I am getting through to the right IP/Port.

Hopefully someone here has been through something similar and we can resolve this quickly.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you are able to provide.


Could you share a little information about your environment and the configuration you used?

Sure @nathanr

We run on 64 bit Windows workstations and our internal perl scripts run in crontab on Solaris 10 containers under perl 5.8.4.

I set the Komodo IDE port up on 5000, uploaded the scripts and then set the variables in the container (some redaction)…

export PERLDB_OPTS="RemotePort=XX.XX.X.XXX:5000 ReadLine=0"
export DBGP_IDEKEY="myusername"

Made sure Komodo was listening and then started my script in the container and started the script in debug mode…

perl -d

It seemed to connect through to Komodo but no debugger, no debug options, etc.

Interestingly this all works pretty much immediately in OptiPerl on the same port (once I have cleaned up the Komodo scripts).

Not really sure what other details I can provide but if you can ask I’ll share what I can.


hah. I stupidly assumed I could put the debug package in the current directory and not set PERL5LIB

I pushed the files up into a home subdirectory and pointed it to there and everything works fine.

Feeling a bit like a doofus right now, lol. But it seems to be working.

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