ReferenceError: Find_FindAll is not defined

Hi all,

this bug occurs when you double click any word to be marked.

Message looks like this:
Whoops! Find Word under Cursor encountered an exceptio:
ReferenceError: Find_FindAll is not defined

Windows 7, x64.

What version of Komodo?


Hi @siokstoksanoks,

Could you provide more details on how you’re producing this error? You say double click on a word but then what? I’ve tried to reproduce this a few times now and it works fine for me.

  • Carey

Hi Carey,

looks like error comes from komodo edit 8.5 settings or macros, or toolbox tools.
With a fresh/clean install of 9… there is no error.

That’s a pretty broad range of potentials. I was hoping for more detail in reproduction steps as I already mentioned, eg:

  • What are the exact steps you followed to produce the bug?

  • What is the error and where is the error displayed?

  • is it reproducible?

  • what steps do you follow to work around the issue?

  • Carey

open the error macro
find the Find_FindAll
replace to ko.find.findAllInMacro

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