Refactoring features do not work for Golang files

Hello Komodo guys.

I am a beginner of Komodo IDE.
I tried Komodo IDE for a golang project and understand that the IDE is great.

After I set the configurations for golang such as go, gocode, godef and GOPATH in the preference, Most of features works as expected such as autocomplete at al.

Unfortunately but I found that only the refactoring features does not work for golang sources.

The following is the environment.

OS: Mac Yosemite
Version of Komodo IDE: version 9.2.0, build 87616

Any comments or advice would be very helpful.


Hi there,

Unfortunately Golang in Komodo does not support refactoring at this time. The issue being that Golang is not being indexed by codeintel and instead it uses external tools to do the job, and refactoring relies on codeintel.

We’re definitely interested in taking Golang support to the next level and hope to be doing so soon, but it depends on how much interest there is for the language in Komodo. Your being here definitely helps contribute to that end, thank you!

Hi @nathanr,

Thank you a lot for sharing the status of refactoring support for Golang! I am very looking forward to the next level.