Real difference between unjarred xpi and standalone xpi

As I know --unjarred means koext doesn’t pack all (locale, skin, content and another folders) to jar file and place jar file in xpi archive, only place original folders in xpi archive. It is only one difference between default xpi’s and --unjarred xpi’s?

Pretty much … :slight_smile:

Huh, okay :smiley:

Anyway, when I compile TODO add-on with --unjarred - it doesn’t work. But if I compile it normally (e.g. I has jar file in xpi file) - all works fine… Very strange.

See chrome.manifest, this file needs to handle one use-case or the other. You cannot simply compile an addon with --unjarred if it was not designed to use files this way.

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It was what I want to hear, thanks a lot, @nathanr!

Okay, If I want to use unjarred type of xpi, how I must write path’s in chrome.manifest?
Now I’m write it as: content myaddon jar:myaddon.jar!/content/, but I want to use --unjarred so how I must rewrite my paths? Just content myaddon content/ or what? :smiley:
And also what means ! symbol in content myaddon jar:myaddon.jar!/content/? Splitter or what?

Just remove jar:myaddon.jar!/

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