R Lang support not compatable

I maintain RLangSyntax, the syntax tool for R. I no longer do much R and have moved to SublimeText for most of my editing, but when I saw KomodoIDE X was out, I knew I would start getting issues in my repo, so I installed and tested it.

I tried with the Sublime Text-like interface (kudos for that) and got to “This package is not compatable with your version of Komodo.” I expected that; the total change I needed to do for 8->9 was iterating maxVersion in install.rdf.

First time I aborted. Tried again on suggestion of Nathan Rijksen and second time, I continued anyway. It seems to work to the same level as before; side by side comparison in 9 nightly and X show the same level of syntax highlighting. (Which makes me think I should find a better example and spend some time improving it.)

I got some unreadable alerts, grey on red was hard to read, saying I should check my error log. I don’t know where that is.

For the install.rdf, should I expect that 10 will mean X for maxVersion? And where IS my error log?

Hi @Jacoby!

The logs: Help > Troubleshooting > View Log File
Can’t read error: https://github.com/Komodo/KomodoEdit/issues/1494

And “Komodo X” is just the marketing. Use the same version convention used for other releases. 10 should do it.

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Roger. Thanks.

Two more things:

  • I don’t expect the format to change anytime soon, because that’ll break all the support stuff. How horrible would it be for me to make maxVersion 12 or 20 and trust that ActiveState will do the right thing?

  • I intend to make this minor change and make a new release before noon today. How soon will it be available?

Fetching the data for Packages happens every 2 hours in the day. So once you push the new release, it will appear in the Packages in 2 hours (or less)

Hey guys, I do want to point out that as of Komodo 9.3 we have built-in support for R lang syntax.

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I’m flashing on the Wedding Singer here: “Gee, you know that information… really would’ve been more useful to me yesterday.

Honestly I had forgotten about it myself, not being an R lang user.

Not a problem. I barely touch R these days. Everything I needed it for is automated, and the cool Data Science stuff isn’t my day-to-day. The previous update was entirely because people were trying to use RLangSyntax and getting errors, giving me github issues, and I thought this time I’d get ahead.

Fair :slight_smile: I suppose now you can just tell them it’s not your problem anymore and they can contact us instead :wink:

Top of my repo:
Komodo supports R syntax natively as of 9.3

You probably don’t want to use this project

Been nice while it lasted

So long and thanks for the fish

They don’t see that when working through Package Manager, tho.

I can remove it from the package manager if you like. Currently if someone tries to install it on Komodo X they get a warning saying the addon is not compatible and are given the option to continue anyway if they wish.

That shouldn’t be true within 2 hours, as I just did a release that bumped maxVersion to 10.

Probably best for all if you remove it.

Alright, will do. Thanks @jacoby.

Sorry for the wasted time :frowning:

No problem. Kinda interesting to see what’s become of it. Your support team has always been helpful.