Quickly Set the Project Script

I frequently switch the script being debugged in a project. This currently involves opening Project Preferences and typing in the complete path to it (or using the browse button).

It would be awesome if I could select “Set Debug Script in Project Preferences” with a…

  • right click on the file in Places
  • right click anywhere in the open file or on its tab
  • keyboard shortcut
  • toolbar button
  • menu item

I would like to be able to see at a glance which script the debugger is going to start in. I also would like a keyboard shortcut or toolbar button I can use to access these settings more quickly.

Komodo could save the last used arguments for each file and restore them as I switch between files.


This should not be necessary. Komodo should debug which ever script has focus. Remove this preference and you won’t have to keep changing it. If that doesn’t work please let us know as that would be a bug.

  • Carey

As my tasks change I want a different script to be the startup script. I do not want to have to switch back to the startup script each time I start the debugger.


Alright, You could try a Userscript to make this easier. This doesn’t make sense to me as an enhancement in Komodo though. This seems specific to your chosen workflow or project.

Let me know if you want a hand with a Userscript. It wouldn’t be more than a few lines of JS and could be triggered with a keybinding or added to the toolbar and/or main menu.