Quick way to open linked scripts in HTML?

Dreamweaver has a feature where when you include a file in your HTML file (using a script tag, link tag, PHP include/require etc.) it automatically adds a tab to view that file in the IDE. Does Komodo have something similar, or at least a way to open a specific file by clicking the link or such?

Press Ctrl, then click on a link to the script you want to open (it’s src attribute for <script> tag in this case). It’s “hyperlink” feature in Komodo.

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Awesome, thank you very much! Somehow I could not seem to find it on my own.

One great thing about Komodo compared to Dreamweaver: it does not crash when opening a large file (d3 JavaScript library in this case). Once I had linked this script in my index.html file, Dreamweaver also crashed every time I opened that one.