Questions about multiple views

I’m trying to work with two editor views side-by-side. There’s a couple things I don’t know how to do, or maybe don’t understand correctly.

  1. In a split-view what is the keyboard shortcut to switch to the other view? I can’t find anything in the menus either.

  2. In split-view, when I “Go to anything” and select and open file it switches to the other view if it was last opened there. How can I get it to open in the view I’m currently in?

  3. The docked tools, like search and replace, seem to be for the whole app, not just one view (they are full width). Can I get them to be smaller and focused on the one view? In particular, when I open a file I want it to stay in the one view.

  4. When I close the last file in a view it closes the view as well. Is there a way to keep the views persistent?

  5. In the multi-window mode it appears the open file lists aren’t shared. Is there some way to get it to share the open files instead of being what appears to be a whole new instance? I’m trying this approach since it may be closer to what I want than multiple views in one window.

This is not set by default, you can set this under Preferences > Key Bindings. Look for “Focus on Other Split View”.

Put focus on the view you want it to open in first.

This is a bug that will be fixed in the next patch release, which is due this week.

Currently that is simply how the views work, so unfortunately there is no way to keep them open if you close all files.

This is not possible as it is not what the multi-window mode is intended for.

In split-view I still can’t get open files to appear in the desired view. I put the focus in the view I want (now with a keyboard shortcut, thanks), then I use the quick switch to select another open document. It simply switches the focus to the view where that document was last opened. I want the document to be opened in the current view instead.

I’m also a bit confused by the tabs in the multi-views, it makes it look like the file is opened twice, once in each view where it has been used.

I’m not able to reproduce this. When I have focus on a split view and use Commando to open a file it will open in the split view that I have selected. I can then close the file and focus the other split view and it will open there if I open it again.

Could you record a quick screencast of what you’re seeing?

The file can indeed be opened in both views, this is useful when editing two sections of the file and needing to reference each section simultaneously.

I didn’t find a good tool to record screencasts on Linux (tried kazam and byzanz), so I’ll just try to describe more clearly:

  1. Open FileA
  2. Split view vertically, FileA appears in left and right view
  3. Focus on right view
  4. Open FileB, it appears only in the right view.
  5. Put focus into the left view
  6. Click the quick goto/open option at the top
  7. Select curerntly open files, chose FileB
  8. Focus simply jumps to the right view for FileB
  9. It does not open in the left view


I have a video now, but the upload function on the forums doesn’t let me post it.

There’s your issue, this just switches to the file, it does not move the file. To move the file to the other view you have to use the key binding (or drag the tab with your mouse) - nothing else will do this.