Query about licenses and platforms

I am considering moving up from Edit and buying the IDE individual licence and was hoping someone could clarify something for me. I believe the licence permits use on more than one computer (belonging to me) but does this also extend to more than one platform? I have both Mac and Windows development machines, and I would hope to be able to use it on both. Is this supported and permitted? A definitive answer before the end of the Black Friday sale would be great :slight_smile: Thanks.

Of course you can. You can download license activator/installer from http://account.activestate.com for any platform (Windows, OSX and Linux).
AFAIK you can use your license on any computer you want.

Awesome, thanks for the quick response. Time to get the credit card out :slight_smile:

Correct - you can use the one license on multiple platforms and multiple machines (provided it’s you who are using it).

I couldn’t find the license details on the komodoide website (something for us to add), but it is on the ActiveState website here:

Thanks, meant to reply sooner, but my broadband was messed up yesterday. I did buy the Personal licence on Sunday, and I do have it running on both my dev machines. It has some nice extra features compared to Edit, so very happy overall.

I was wondering the same thing cause I use a Mac at home, and a PC at work.

Sometimes I want to do some Komodo work at the office whenever there is down time. I installed Komodo IDE trial on the PC at the office, and from home I emailed the Mac .lic to my self.

At the office I downloaded the .lic from email and pasted it into the following Path on the PC:


Although restarting my machine wasn’t required; I still did so just in case. I opened Komodo IDE thereafter and it worked like a champ! :slight_smile:

Hope this is helpful.

In another case you just can download license activator from account.activestate.com and get same result.

True, but since I’m at the office… They have some kind of security app that filters out .exe’s and other installers. You wouldn’t believe the trouble I went through to install Komodo IDE on my machine ( plus the two python shells ). I didn’t want to go through the same kind of process for the License Activator if I could simply utilize something as simple as a file copy.

At home… Everything works great. At work; I have to make special arrangements.

But why do not ask security manager of your office to allow to execute Komodo license activator? :smile:
And license installer do not install some type of software. It just copy “ActiveState.lic” automatically to your ActiveSate folder. Anyway nice to know you solve your “problem”.

Sometimes, the corporate security people don’t seem to really know what they are doing, so they don’t allow anything out of the ordinary just to be safe. I was ok though. I just downloaded the installers for Mac and PC and ran them.

Great! This answered another question I had.

I usually work in windows because my previous development platform was dreamweaver (old MX version) and I’m seriously considering moving away from anything windows. I use MAC and Linux more and more so I’m not stuck with one choice.