Q: Official v9 releases vs nightly builds?

With version 9 of Komodo released today, I noticed that the build numbers of both Komodo Edit and IDE on the official releases are lower than the most recent nightlies of each (although the official releases appear to have been built after the nightlies with the higher build numbers). For those of us that have been using the nightly builds of Edit and/or IDE leading up to the official release, are there good reasons we should drop our installs of the nightlies and switch back to the official releases?

Hey @rstewart,

The later build number is a result of license issue that arose last week. We pushed a nightly to resolve that.

The RC produced last week passed testing and is the same as the nightly (other than official version number) so there isn’t much reason for you to upgrade other than the nightly license will expire soon.

You will have to upgrade once the license expires occurs.

  • Carey

Thanks, @careyh.

The license thing sounds like we may want to drop our installs of the nightly and install the official release. If we are on active/current commercial licenses for IDE, is there anything we need to do to upgrade other than reinstall? My team has active licenses for our work installs, and I have one for my IDE install at home.

No additional steps. If you already have a Komodo 9 license installed then you can just download the installer and run it as usual. You should be able to do side by side installs (definitely can on Linux and OSX) with the nightly so you can keep that around too if you like.

Thanks for all your help during the pre-release by the way.

  • Carey