Q: Komodo IDE 9 on Mac OS X not seeing 9.0.1 release?

I’ve checked several times over the past 12h or so, and my install of Komodo IDE on Mac OS X is not seeing that an updated release is available.

Build info shows: Komodo IDE, version 9.0.0, build 87165, platform macosx.
Built on Wed Mar 18 21:57:11 2015.

I will check on one of my other systems (also OS X) later today. If there is additional information or one of the logs, etc., I can share to help troubleshoot, let me know…

Edited: I just checked on my second OS X system, and neither Komodo Edit 9 nor Komodo IDE 9 there is also not seeing the update to 9.0.1 as available.


We’ve start spanning out our releases so they don’t hit everyone at the same time. Giving our servers time to breathe and giving us time to react if something goes wrong. The auto-update will hit within a weeks time, if you don’t want to wait you can download the update directly from our website (ie. perform a manual update).

@nathanr Thanks; wanted to make sure something wasn’t amiss with the “Help > Check for Updates…” function.

… and of course within minutes of writing that response, I’ve got my update. Figures. :smile:

I’m glad you did, I actually double checked with @careyh after your post :stuck_out_tongue: