Q: Color scheme entries used to draw line-endings?

Working a bit on some of my color schemes, and I am trying to figure out what entries from the color scheme are used to draw the line-endings?

They appear to be entries from the color scheme but I don’t see anything specific in the .ksf files that is tied to that sort of token.

In this particular color scheme, I would like to have them rendered in a manner that is much more subtle (e.g., like an inverted version of the whitespace foreground color).

Control characters I think. Or maybe entries you cant change through the scheme.

Based on a bit of testing, it does not appear to be the “control characters” setting in the color scheme.

Yep, seems like these entries depends on foreground and baseground colors.

I think Defman is right - it uses default foreground/background colors.

Enhancement request submitted: https://github.com/Komodo/KomodoEdit/issues/128