Python Version n use

I am new To Komodo 8.5 trying to learn Python. In my work, I need to be able to bounce between Python 2.7 and the new er Python 3.4 (both I have installed on my computer.) Right now, Komodo keeps “waking up” with Python 2.7, but how do I toggle to “do” Python 3.4 work?

By chaning the language of opened file.

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THANK YOU! That works like a champ.

It’s better to open a file from a Python or Python 3 template.

File > New > File from Template

I would not recommend you save it as a text file and then setting it’s language to Python. That would be very confusing.

Note that Komodo can detect what language a file is as well. For example:

  • create two files outside of Komodo and name them and

  • add #!python to the top of one file and #!python3 to the top of the other

  • open each file in Komodo

  • witness the magic of language detection

  • Carey

NOTE: #! declarations are called shebangs in case you aren’t familiar with them.