Python Syntax Checking on OSX Ignores Custom Pylint File

Both at the project and overall system levels, Komodo on OSX appears to ignore the custom pylint.rc file I’ve pointed it at in the settings. The file works properly on Windows and I don’t see any complaints about the file in the troubleshooting logs. Syntax checking works, but it notes errors and line lengths that I’ve suppressed in my pylint.

Additionally, when I disable Syntax Checking at the project level (because the feedback is worse than having none), it continues to check syntax until I also shut it off at the overall Preferences level, which seems counter-intuitive.

First, please try the latest Komodo nightly build from here:
as there were some fixes for PyLint config file handling.

Does that help?

That did it, thanks. Should have thought to do that as I’ve done the same on Windows.