Python Syntax Checking: Migrate from pep8 to pycodestyle


The Python pep8 project was forked to the pycodestyle project nearly two years ago. The pep8 project is no longer being maintained/updated.

As far as I can tell, neither Komodo 10 nor Komodo 11 are using pycodestyle. They’re still using pep8. I’ve reached this conclusion by examining the contents of the lib/mozilla/components/ file.

While I can certainly run pycodestyle manually from the command line, I do find that to be a disruption of my workflow and not as convenient as being able to have Komodo flag issues for me in near real time.

@jaysmith nice find,

Prominently note via warning message that the tool is no longer released as pep8 and will only be fixed in the pycodestyle package

No discussion needed here. Go ahead and file an enhancement request:

Thanks again!

@careyh I have opened issue 3325.

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Thank you very much @jaysmith.