Python package . completion not working?


In KOMODO 11.x and Python, When I have a package I am referencing, when I hit the ‘.’ key, it does not come up with a list of available functions for that import. However it DOES recognise the function when I type the first ‘(’ for the
function name. I seem to remember that version 9.x did this.

The same thing happens with instantiate class objects.

In Preferences -> Code Intelligence, all Features are checked. Editing has “Show completions while typing” checked.

Is there a setting I use that needs to activate this?

import argparse
parser = argparse. <=== when I press that . I seem to remember earlier versions would bring up a list of members of argparse.


This sounds like a bug if it worked in previous version. Please report it on our bug tracker

Huh, that’s bizarre. I’m seeing the same thing but other packages work fine. But ya, what @nathanr said, file a bug.

  • Carey