Python from Command Prompt Stopped running

After installing Komodo (and another editor, I think Ultra Edit), I could no longer invoke python (or pip) from my Command Prompt.

Is this a problem with Komodo that would disable Python from the command line?

(I was able to fix this by editing my path to include the path to Python and now python and pip are working).

Thank you for any help you might provide.

I am running Windows 10


hi @chrischarley,

I’d need more info to help out. But it also sounds like you’ve fixed the problem? I’m unclear what the status of this request is.

If it’s still a problem:

  • please explain how you were running Python before
  • explain what indicated it broke

Installing Komodo should have no effect on your global Python install.

  • Carey

Hi @careyh and thank you for the prompt reply concerning my questions about Komodo.

Well, I edited my path to include the path to my python exe. and that got it working again from the Command Prompt (also pip now works as well).

I didn’t know if my problem was due to Komodo or Ultra Edit as I installed them both for an evaluation. Perhaps I should get in touch with the people at Ultra Edit to see if Ultra Edit changed my Python install.

I think I’ve got the problem fixed, (it took some searching where to find my Python installation on my HD).

This experience has made me leery of installing programs I am not familiar with. I would like to try Komodo and I started to do the tutorial but didn’t get far. Now I use Pythons IDLE to create my scripts but I was wondering about switching to a full featured editor.

Wouldn’t this go for any software you install? And this is good, always be cautious with new software.

I doubt that Ultra Edit removed Python from your path either. I’m sure this is a coincidence of events that made it seem like one of these applications broke your Python install. It also could be that you hadn’t installed Python properly in the first place. There are many possibilities.

My main point being, you should used to debugging little glitches if you’re writing code :wink:

If you get started back on Komodo again feel free to post more questions in these forums.

  • Carey