Python 3 codeintel

Sometimes, code intel appears too late.

For instance : print(something)

It only suggest me “something” after I type the 7th character (“somethi”).

If in a “if” statement, it suggest me after the 6th character (“someth”).

But if I type “something” at the start of a line, Komodo instantly suggests me “something” after typing “s”

@trogne, are you in Edit or IDE? Is your PC under a lot of load when you test this? I tried it in Edit and I get completions when I’d expect, immediately after the second character of something.

  • Carey


It’s not a load issue.
Even if I type 1 character per 5 seconds, the “something” suggestion always appears when I type the “n” here : “print(something)”

and always after the “i” here : “if something”

OH!! No issue after starting fresh after deleting content from “C:\Users\patri\AppData\Local\ActiveState\KomodoIDE” … mmm…

Found the issue :

My “.py” files are associated with file type “python3”, not “python”.

I do not have this issue with file type “python”…

I think it’s a bug.

With file type “python3”, Komodo complains about Python 3 formatted string litteral, like f’bla bla bla’

Is it possible to disable some “syntax errors” ?

If you have a repro (which you do), please file it on Github.

Edit > prefs > Syntax & Spell Checking should have the settings you want to set for this.

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