Pygobject autocomplete


Has anybody managed to configure Gtk+ (pygobject) autocomplete? The only one tutorial I found is for Wing IDE It suggests to generate fake project and add it to the project path. As the explained workaround seems to be non-IDE specific, I decided to try it with komodo, but no luck so far. Komodo won’t autocomplete Gtk objects :frowning:

This approach (stub files) should work.

According to fakegir, once you’ve generated the stub files, you need to add to the PYTHONPATH. In Komodo, you’d normally do this by adding this path to the Python > Additional Python Import Directories preference.

Once that is done, Komodo should scan those files and provide code completions/calltips.

yes, i did all exactly the same. i see “codeintel” notification that folder with fakegir was scanned but still no autocomplete. so i was wondering if somebody succesfully configured it…

Could you prevent a sample snippet that showcases where you expect to see the autocompletion? Additionally a screenshot of your Prefs > Languages > Python window would be very helpful.

Also take note that Python and Python 3 each have their own language settings, be sure not to mix those up.

I’m trying to get autocomplete on that simple example:

from gi.repository import Gtk

When I type Gtk. I expect Komodo to show some suggestions, but nothing happens.

Here is my Additional python path for that project:

And here is what I get from Wing IDE (hope to get something like it in Komodo):