Purchase with PayPal

Hi guys!
I have a big issue. I’ve purchased Komodo latest versions for years. Now i’m a digital nomad, i’m travelling several countries and make money from developing on Freelancer. My main problem is, my bank card doesn’t works anymore, i have my money on Paypal, but Active State support wouldn’t like to help me pay with Paypal account.

I’ve installed the version X trial version, i supposed my last purchased version will works after trial is over, but the version X ruined 9. Arrow keys doesn’t works, it freezes after couple of hour work, sometimes i can’t make new line in the code and more…
So now i can’t make my job, i can’t work, i can’t pay so this is very hard situation for me. Please help me pay with Paypal and solve this problem. I think so odd don’t let developers pay with the most famous system what developers using for get salary. I love your products guys, i would like to use it in future, please help be about that.

The Active State support wasn’t helpful.

Unfortunately we do not support paypal at this time, but our support department could possibly facilitate some other form of transaction. Please email them at support@activestate.com.

I’ve sent letter them, but they was not helpful. I have no other possibilities to pay, i have my all money on my PP account. I created my bank acc in my original country, now there is no bank account what i could use. I wont make a bank account only for that…
In this case i can’t purchase your product… it’s so odd… i was a loyal customer for years, but i will have to use some bloody hacked way to use your product now.
There was other user in forum who was exactly same situation then me, so it’s not a unique problem and customer request.
I’m very very disappointed. I can’t understand what is the problem with the most famous payment system…


The plain and simple truth is we do not support Paypal at the moment. We might support it in the future, but as of right now we do not support it. Sales can try and facilitate other means of purchase but they cannot all of a sudden support Paypal on a one off purchase. I’m sorry this is inconvenient, I totally understand, but that doesn’t change the fact that we do not support Paypal at this time.

You could always buy a prepaid credit card and use that for your purchase. Or talk to us about the problems you have with version 9. As long as you meet the system requirements I don’t see why that wouldnt work, and I’m sure we could resolve your issue.

I thought that paypal has some sort of a virtual card that you can use to buy things from websites that are using card number+date+cvc code, does it?

Yeah, I checked @csimpi’s support ticket and it was recommended to him.

In case anyone else stumbles on this, it’s https://www.paypalcredit.com/index.html

Thank you. As i can understand this feature is like a loan, i afraid to get loan, and i don’t understand clear how much fee have i paid, if i try this feature. But thanks, i will continue with old version of Komodo after i reinstalled my Windows… thanks anyway.

That’s basically what a credit card is yeah, though if you pay it off monthly you’ll never have to actually pay anything (for most credit cards).

You could also get a prepaid credit card, or use the option to send in the payment via mail as offered by our support.

I’m sorry this is so inconvenient to you. I do hope that we can support Paypal in the future, but as it stands we mainly support credit card, as has always been the case.