Publishing icons in Komodo X

Hi again!

I must say i didnt buy Komodo X yet, I am thinking about it.

I was reading another topic (a long one about the new interface), it talks about colors for SCC instead of icons, I think this is ok for me, I can adapt, what I want to ask is about Publishing status.

In Komodo 9 I can see some icons to show if the current file is new and will be added or was modified on local, how Komodo X works about this?

I am always working with 3 status when I edit:

  1. File was edited and not saved (shows a * symbol)
  2. File was saved and not published (shows a pencil icon on the file icon)
  3. File was saved and not commited/pushed (shows a pencil icon after file name)

I will be able to see these 3 status in Komodo X?

Publishing icons are a bit bugged at the moment, the next nightly fixes this. This is what it will look like:

The color of the filename indicates the SCC status (blue means modified), the cloud icon indicates the file is under a Publishing configuration, the color of this cloud indicates the status (again, blue is modified). The green cloud means it’s a new file and the white cloud indicates it is in-sync (doesn’t require any additional actions).

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This cute cloud would look much better if it overlap the file icon and be a bit smaller (in case they are enabled) imo.

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Making it smaller is a good idea. I don’t want overlapping icons, it’s messy and makes it less “instant” to glance at file icons.

I think Defman is right, I have some long named files in deep folders, I think i couldn’t see a cloud if is at the end of the file name.

I think the publishing tool is a powerful Komodo tool.