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Is there a way to publish my files to another local folder rather than a remote server? I work locally and my remote server is mounted as a local volume, but I’d like the IDE to do the file copy automatically or when I choose to push.

You can use “Publishing” feature.
Official and old video by ActiveState:


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Doing this with Publishing in Komodo (IDE only) isn’t possible as the “remote” end expects a remote server.

If you’re using Komodo IDE then i’d just use Tools > Publishing the way it’s meant to and push directly to the remove server.

If you’re using Komodo Edit then you’ll have to write a macro to perform the copy. Looks like someone beat you to it:

  • Carey

Just add to @careyh post:
There are 2 versions of “save-fileproject-two-places” and they are works fine:

From the description this appears to create a folder with a timestamped name or files with .bak. But I need to be able to 1) write to an existing folder of a name of my choosing, 2) overwriting files only when different, and 3) at my discretion rather than every time I save. I’m sure these macros could be modified to produce this behavior - was really just wondering if such a thing already existed.

I’m try to remade my macro for your needs.

Now you can download here: