Promote 'Current Project' gatherer in Go to File

I disabled Enable ‘History’ gatherer in Preferences time ago (I found myself editing files from other projects too often) but when I search for a common file name this is what I get:

The file I want is the first one among the project files but the whole block is in second position. It’s always the same: Komodo IDE is smart enough to always figure out what project file I have in mind (that’s really impressive) but it’s as dumb as to think I always prefer random files in my computer to files from my current project.

The first block appears to be the Current Working Directory(ies) gatherer. So far, I’ve disabled it as well.

But my question is: is it possible to write a macro or something that puts project files always on top? That would allow me to re-enable all other gatherers.

The first block is actually just your current opened files, it allows you to switch between them from “Fast Open”. You can disable this under Prefs > Fast Open > "Enable 'Open Files' gatherer.

Not here. Open files feature an (open) suffix.

In fact it’s nice that open files show on top. But current project should come second (now it seems to come last).

I guess it’s internal logic that a macro can’t change…

I’m not sure I follow, you seem to be contradicting your first post;


Could you clarify what you mean?

I’m also confused since you seem to indicate there is a third block of results, but your screenshot only shows 2 “blocks”.

The gatherersAndCwds function has the code that controls the fast open ordering, see here:

It’s only that your post made me realise that “Open files” is actually more interesting than “Project”. (My screenshot only shows “Current Working Directory(ies)” and “Project” because in that example there weren’t matches in open files and I had disabled history.)

Alright. Regardless - there currently isn’t a way to manually prioritize a block of results (far as I’m aware, @toddw feel free to correct me if I’m wrong). You will be able to control this behavior with Komodo 9, once Fast Open 2 (Commando) has been implemented.

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